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Take a Trial Flight at Limerick Flying Club

A lesson will include a short description of the basic principles of flight by a qualified flight instructor, followed by an introduction to the 2-seater single engined aircraft and its main characteristics. One lesson lasts approximately 30 minutes.

Once on board the instructor will give a running commentary of what is happening. The instructor will handle the take off and climb and will demonstrate the primary effects of the controls (yaw, pitch and roll). You will then get the opportunity to handle the aircraft for yourself.

At this point you will forget about the magnificent view, or about trying to spot your house, and will become engrossed in the wonders of flight. All too soon, alas, it will be time to return to earth.


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one flying lesson.



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two flying lessons.



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three flying lessons.


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Terms & Conditions

This voucher is valid for 12 months and is for a flying lesson with a qualified instructor. It is not possible to hire aircraft or bring passengers. Further details are included in the email sent upon purchase.

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