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Flight Training

The manoeuvres which you will learn are, take-off, landing, climbing, descending, and turning, most of which are perfected in the training area and in circuit practice. Stalls and emergency landing practice are conducted in the training area. Your first solo is a big day. Most students go solo after 10-15 hours instruction. Cross country and navigation training followed by solo cross-country flying completes the course. A medical certificate issued by an approved examiner will be required before you fly solo. Contact us for more information.

Theoretical Knowledge (Ground School)

There is also a theoretical knowledge element to complete and there are written examinations in Air Law, Human Performance & Limitations, Meteorology, Communication, Principles of Flight, Operational Procedures, Flight Performance & Planning, Aircraft General Knowledge, and Navigation. Limerick Flying Club conducts a series of night classes for all those subjects during the winter months.

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COVID 19 Corona Virus

Dec-2020 Due to restrictions imposed by "Level Five of Living with COVID-1", we regret that intro and training flight operations are suspended until 31st Jan 2021.


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