Limerick Flying Club History

In 1985 the Club bought Rallye EI-BOP to replace EI-AUP which was damaged. In 1986 the club decided to celedrate the bi-centenery of the forst balloon ascent which had taken place from Clancy's strand in 1786. A balloon was to be inflated at Arthur's quay carpark but the Dept. of Communications would only allow the event to go ahead if the balloon was tethered.

In March 1986 EI-BOP was replaced with EI-BKU and in 1988 Limerick Flying Club became a limited Company. On the 4th of July 1989 the club took delivery of Rallye EI-BGB which had been bought from Sammy Bruton of Midland Aviation. By 1990 the runway at Coonagh was in a bad condition and the club decided to run a draw to help raise the fund to re-surface it. The draw proved to be very successful and with the co-operation of Dan Lehane the work on the runway commenced on the 14th of June 1990. the next two years proved to be very successful for the club with many members getting there PPL's, Instrument Ratings and Commercial Pilot's License's. In 1991 EI-BGB was replaced with Rallye EI-AYA and the club bought a Beechcraft 23, eg. EI-BFF to replace EI-BKU which was damaged earlier that year. By June of 1993 the flying at Coonagh had dropped off considerably and over the next two and a half years there was a general slump in aviation everywhere which resulted in many clubs finding it difficult to stay afloat. David Fielding became President of the club in 1994 and Sean Walsh was appointed Deputy CFI. The club did not have enough demand for two training aircraft and ir was decided to lease EI-BDK to the Castlebar Flying Club. Over the next teo years the club struggled back and a draw was organised in February 1996 EI-BDK was re-engined through an arrangement made with the castlebar Flying Club. EI-AYA was re-engined later that year. EI-BFF was sold to Midland Aviation and in return the club bought Rallye EI-BFM. Since 1995 the club has gone from strength to strength with the club now operating two training aircraft, one touring aircraft and a membership in excess of one hundred.

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