Limerick Flying Club History

After twenty four months in existence the club could now boast a membership of 52 and EI-AOO had flown nearly 300 hours. In April 1974, Tony Doyle returned from his tour of duties with Eurocontrol in Luxembourg. He brought with him Rallye F-BLSP which became EI-AYV. Tony later hired this to a flying club which was starting up at Anaghmore, near Collooney, Co. Sligo. Another resident at Coonagh was Rallye F-OCVK which was owned by George Oriel.

In 1974 Gary Young became the clubs second Chief Flying Instructor. During 1975, RWY 18/36 which had been inactive for some years was re-opened and the flying rate was £9 per hour. in 1976, EI-AOO was reregistered to Dick Hassett. Later that year the club decided to buy Rallye G-AVVK which was re-registered EI-AUP.

In 1977, Tom Davy stepped in as Chief Flying Instructor and the club leased in Rallye, EI-AUJ to meet the demand of its members. Dan Lehane purchased the airfield from Peter Matson in 1978. In December 1979 the clubs membership stood at 80 members and the CFI was Tony Doyle. In 1982 the club bought Rallye EI-BDK.

The club held several successful safety seminars during the 80's with well known guest speakers, i.e. Alan Bramson who was aflight test examiner with the C.A.A and who is quoted as saying "If one could land at Coonagh, you can land anywhere".

1984 was to see the club undertake its first major public event when they embarked on an airshow which was to be held on July 22nd of that year. The day proved to be very successful with thousands attending the event.

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